भारत और मॉरीशस सरकार की द्विपक्षीय संस्था     A Bilateral Organization of the Government of India and the Government of Mauritius
World Hindi Secretariat


A global platform to accelerate the promotion of Hindi as an International Language and to make Hindi recognized as an official language of the United Nations.


To support Governments and Institutions expand the scope, scale and quality of Hindi learning by using innovative approaches.
To promote policies and systems that facilitate the learning of Hindi Internationally.
To build up a network with eminent personalities and international institutions of high repute engaged in the teaching and learning of Hindi.
To disseminate through publications and ICT Network, information relating to the promotion of Hindi across the World.

Strategic Goals

Support countries and libraries worldwide in developing projects and programmes that encourage and help Hindi literacy, reading, speaking and lifelong learning.
Monitor, promote research and disseminate research results in the field of Hindi worldwide.
To encourage the use of Hindi worldwide as the medium of communication in daily life.
To promote teaching and learning of Hindi at primary, secondary and tertiary levels worldwide.
To consistently organize focused and dedicated activities to encourage use of Hindi language.
To establish and keep updated databank of Hindi authors, publications, institutions and other contributors.
To establish a network of Hindi-speaking communities worldwide.
To set up a Resource Centre with up-to-date books, periodicals and multimedia facilities for the promotion of Hindi and for in-depth research to be carried out in the language.
To establish Hindi Chairs in selected universities around the world.
To act as the hub of expertise that facilitates circulation of Hindi experts.

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